Do worry and negative thinking influence your emotions?

Are you ever overwhelmed by internal conflict or find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster?

Do you ever experience being led by your emotions rather than leading them?

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Medical research has shown that holding back emotions may be a precursor for many illnesses and addictions.

The inability to deal with emotions can have terrible consequences on our personal and professional relationships.

When we are not balanced or satisfied we don’t perform so well. Many of our unreflected or even destructive behaviors seem to be triggered automatically as if “no choice”. We then regret what we say or do.

She has brought measurable changes to more than 100000 people’s lives.

Dr. Doris is the only certified and certifying Master Trainer of the highly regarded International Society of NLP in India.

DorisNLP is about “People are the Heart of the Matter”. Our commitment is to elevating the levels of respect, compassion and “Personal & Professional Excellence” for a better world.


Now a days, professions that include working with people do not ask for the IQ but for the EQ. This EI Training works with a special EQ testing process. We don’t use psychometirc but skill scores that are measurable.

Up to today participants have increased their EQ by 64% in the 5-day course. You will answer 70 questions at the beginning and at the end of the training and receive the score of your EQ increase.

Emotional Intelligence Certification

Location: Delhi

  • 17 - 18 Nov Emotional Intelligence Delhi
  • Certification, from the NLP Association International

    2 Day Foundation

  • Contact:
    India: +91-9769-277-975, +91-9049-31-9471, +91-7773-907-657
    USA: +1-907-632-6332
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Emotional Intelligence Certification

Transform Anger, Stress & Fear, Dependencies & Relationships Issues through powerful NLP hands-on tools.

What Will You Learn ?

Judgment and assumptions can hurt more than physical force. Practice the language of facts (verifiable statements).

The Inner Switch Board: Lower limiting emotions in measurable ways.

Intensify desired emotions like satisfaction, passion, joy and happiness. The Rainbow of Emotions.

The ‘Awareness Process’. Who are you? Learn to disassociate from limiting emotions.

Learn how to feel any emotion from an empowered place. Your Inner Neutral Place.

Understand how to navigate psychological layers. There are 7 emotional core wounds. Identify your emotional core wound.

Empower stimulus interruption. The process of emotional patterning & re-patterning.

Emotion Yoga. Choose! Step in and out of emotions consciously.

“The Emotional Health Model”. Set boundaries wisely and express them in ways the other can accept.

Enjoy the Laughter Meditation.

Dr. Doris Greenwood

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The next step after your Emotional Intelligence & NLP Practitioner is either the NLP Master Practitioner or a 5-Day Emotional Intelligence Master. This training equips you to apply EI in your work with others as a professional, as a coach or trainer.

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